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New Generation Snap Frame

Ayreks snap frame achieves its goal of promotions with a stylish appearance. Our frames made of the best quality aluminum profile are durable.

  • Mitred Corner Snap Frame
  • Round Corner Snap Frame

A New Snap Frame with Low Cost Production

Since we have been manufacturing aluminum snap frames since 2006, we are a manufacturer company that offers quality at the most affordable prices.

How do we supply your products?

You can purchase our products from

Why are your prices affordable and do they affect your product quality?

Because we are a manufacturing company. We have the potential to minimize costs. We never compromise our quality to the extent that it would affect our warranty. We use high quality raw materials.

Do you have after-sales spare material support?


Can you make a frame in the desired dimensions?


Mitred Corner Snap Frame

Ayreks frame has a 1 inch anodized aluminum profile. Hard kraft cardboard is used for the background. Screws and dowels are provided to hang the frames on the wall.

Poster Sizes
8,5 Inch x 11 Inch
11 Inch x 17 Inch
17 Inch x 22 Inch
11 Inch x 14 Inch
14 Inch x 22 Inch
22 Inch x 28 Inch
8 Inch x 10 Inch
18 Inch x 24 Inch
24 Inch x 36 Inch
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